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The Trials of Menu Planning

I am excited to announce the launch of our new and improved menu at DIVE for Spring and Summer.  As popular as our salads are I am excited to add more variety and better options to enhance your salad experience during our hottest weather of the year.  The options are abundant yet catered to you and your cravings; featuring all the classics and some new chef inspirations.  

Dive is also pleased to announce that the trial run of Oysters has proven popular!!  We will be featuring a whole new section called SHELLS, under OFF THE COAST offering our Oysters on the Half Shell, our popular long running special Chef Victor’s Bouillabaisse and our famous Mussels.

 On our Market Fish we will add numerous new sauces to choose from to add to your fresh fish experience. As for the Kiddie Pool, we have added a Fish & Chips and also a Mini Kids Burrito. There has been talk of us adding another carryout dessert so we are currently working on that.
Creating a menu is an interesting process. You can’t just put whatever you want on a menu, you have to think about many variables in order for it to work in your favor.  My process can sometimes be a challenge as I seem to have a bit of expensive taste. However, it is up to me to create an item that I would order, that the majority of my customers would order and with a price that is affordable for myself and them.  As my series of blogs explains, I am quite focused on healthy combinations, therefore, choosing and sourcing the right ingredients is key to consistency and quality of the menu item.  I love to create in a colorful and flavorful way, incorporating complimenting textures to keep familiar dishes exciting.
At DIVE, there is a price point I need to maintain that will work with my concept. My goal is to keep everything under $20; however, selling the products and seafood that I do, the market tends to fluctuate, sometimes driving prices up and in turn creating a food cost that keeps me from making money.  It’s not easy to carry the market price over to the customer every time it fluctuates so it is important for me to price things at an average of the wholesale price. This process is called food cost.  Customers may not know what goes into pricing an item and it is up to the vendor to be fair to the customer in hopes to keep integrity of the brand.  It is up to us to still make a profit and be fair to the customer.  It’s a constant balancing act.
The difference between DIVE and other restaurants is our commitment to constantly giving the customer just what they want.  Customizing your own dish with our composed dishes as your canvas has become a regular process at DIVE and people know they are welcome to; this can be detrimental to our food cost percentage, yet it is what sets us apart from other places and in turn gives us a very regular and loyal customer.
Our ingredients are clean, fresh, and abundant.  Our menu changes seasonally and each time I go through this creative and analyzing process to make it better for the customer, current in the food trends, taste delicious, and still make a profit at the end of the day.  It is a trial process with each dish.  Some dishes shine more than others.  We strive to make them all shine and each month they all do!  Look for the fresh new dishes and let us know what you think. ALL feedback is good feedback!



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