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The Chipotle Cultivate Festival

I was inspired this past weekend.  A fresh fast food company showed me that the health education I am trying to portray in my concept is actually making a small difference in the community.  I am all about people knowing what they are eating and how it benefits you or how it doesn’t.  That is just what was being spread at The Chipotle Cultivate Festival on October 18.

The Chipotle festival was held on Lake Carolyn in Las Colinas on quite a beautiful day.  They set up five different informational and interactive exhibits, they featured 6 top Chef’s with culinary demos, 5 up and coming bands performed, as well as local booth’s of farmers, specialty food products and local beer and wines.  It was spread out on a grassy knole by the lake, and quite the mellow and cool-vibe atmosphere.  The festival as a whole was a great way for Chipotle to market their ideals and concept as well as introduce other concepts.  They featured their partnered farmers on each promo or coupon they passed out so you got to learn about them.  It was very well organized and showed that learning about this “food revoloution” can be fun and “good for you” in the long run.

I was most impressed by the informational exhibits.  I think it is so great that the general public is ready to face the facts about food!  The 5 exhibits were as follows:

The Cinema: Featuring several short films that speak directly to the journey toward better food and a healthier environment.

Factory vs Farm: An experience how the majority of pigs are raised in factories compared to those that are “Responsibly Raised”.

Fresh vs Processed:  See what’s being served up in typical fast food compared to what Chipotle and the new concept Shophouse serves.

GMO Experience:  Learn what genetically modified organisms are and how they are used in the food supply. Then give your feedback on what concerns you most.

Guac from Scratch:  Watch how Chipotle’s guacamole is made using fresh – whole ingredients- then taste.

These are all great topics to make people more aware of what the reality of our food industry is, and what companies like Chipotle are doing to make a difference and create a better understanding of where your food comes from.  This is what I am most excited about.  That we can make awareness and hopefully change peoples lifestyles just by educating them about the basics.  DIVE aims to do this in a grassroots way!

They featured many chefs with the same mindset that I have.  Making people aware of ingredients and showing creative ways to use them.  Three of the chefs were from Dallas and are also friends and colleagues of mine; Mr Kent Rathbun, Matt McCallister and Omar Flores.  Paul Qui from Austin also did a demo while the headlining Chefs were Food Network star Amanda Freitag and fellow alumni of Johnson and Wales University Mr Sean Brock.  All had interesting backgrouds and views of our so called “food reveloution” and all were showing what they are doing to make a difference.  I loved seeing them up there, again, it gave me so much inspiration and affirmation that I am doing the right thing in my career and passion.

The bands were very entertaining, the first two bands were The Colourist, and Sylvan Esso.  Then DJ Christopher Golub played between sets.  Followed by the three headliners, MS MR, O.A.R., and Amos Lee.  All set the mood and all were there believing in the same cause.  It was truly a great experience.

Thank you Chipotle for using your widespread popularity to educate and promote!






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