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Maca, the powerful root!

A couple weeks ago, I headed to San Diego to see my family for a quick weekend getaway. This summer has been a busy one, so I felt the need to go and see my family for a quick rejuvenation. During my stay, I went to meet my mother at Whole Foods in Del Mar where I ran into an old high school buddy of mine, Kenny Stittsworth. Kenny was there promoting his product called Maca for Sol Raiz Organics. Maca is a root (resembling a radish), and he told me a little bit about its health benefits; so, I bought a bottle to support him and see if it was something that would benefit me. I decided to take the Maca for about 2 weeks to see if it had any effect on my health. To be honest, I’ve felt great! I’ve had so much clarity and energy. Even with all that’s been on my plate, I felt less stressed! I was beyond impressed with this miraculous root, therefore I must share this knowledge.

What is MACA?

Sol Raiz Organic MACA is a hearty root resembling a radish; it is sourced from the highest plantation in the world in the Andes of Peru above 14,500ft. It survives and thrives in this very harsh environment because it produces over 30 vitamins and minerals and more then 60 phytonutrients. It is considered a powerful adaptogen, which helps the body to resist stresses, trauma, anxiety and bodily fatigue. It is also a hormone balancer and libido enhancer; it increases strength and endurance, provides mental clarity and supports the immune system function. Maca contains nearly 20 amino acids and 7 essential amino acids, it is rich in sterols and enzymes, which all support endocrine and glandular function.

Maca rootThe best part of all the positive impact this has on our body is that there is absolutely no addititives or caffeine. It is completely natural, high quality, certified organic and completely safe for any age. It has been wildly popular for athletes, and women in menopause or with hormone instability. It is safe for children and even pregnant women, ensuring a wide variety of nutrients to create a strong foundation of health in children.

 Have you ever heard of one root vegetable that contains all of these benefits?

I was astounded and actually found it did more then increase my energy. It seemed to balance my health. I slept better,and woke up fresh and rejuvenated. I seemed more confident. I sweated more in my workouts, causing me to detox more free radicals while aiding in weight loss. I noticed that I was getting so much completed, yet with no anxiety. I was even more interested in this “wonder root” so I decided to give my friend Kenny a call and learn about how he discovered it and what the story was behind it.

 Where does Maca come from?

Kenny explained that he stumbled upon this life changer for him while he was on a trip with his family hiking Machu Pichu in Peru. He and his family stayed with a native Peruvian family on the coast after their hike and while they were preparing breakfast for Kenny’s family, Kenny noticed the mother putting a brown powder into his yogurt. He asked, what is that?

macaThe lady explained, Maca; it was used by the Inca warriors to help them stay healthy and strong for battle. She mentioned that if you were injured to double up on the dose. Kenny, a life long surfer, was coming off of a blown-out knee injury so he was immediately intrigued. He had never heard of this and was excited to bring it to people in the United States.

In his search for the highest quality of this root, he noticed there was already some distributed in the US and thought he was too late. However, he noticed that some of the plantations and purveyors already supplying Maca were using another weed as a filler. He wanted to find something more pure. In his search he discovered a single plantation that was guarded by generations of families that always organically cultivate the vegetable and never use any pesticides, fillers or chemicals. And that is where Sol Raiz Organics began. Kenny has brought the US something you can’t find, and he does this with honesty and ethical practices for humans and the environment. It is an honor to know that one of my old friends is sharing with the world in this way.


I obviously want to share in a similar way at DIVE so why not share some of the secrets I learn along the way. In order to learn more about Sol Raiz Organic Maca, visit their website.

A little bit of Maca goes a long way. Use it as a boost in smoothies or mix with ice cream or desserts. It tends to have a malty flavor and goes well with chocolate. Keep it creative and find the best way for you. Inquire with Dive for any recipe ideas.

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