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Forbes Food Trends

According to Forbes, Why DIVE dominates the 2014 top food trend list! 

Forbes posted an article highlighting the 12 Hottest Food trends in 2014.  I was happy to say we have quite a few of these trends right here in one restaurant.

Number 1-4 DIVE dominates…

1. Locally sourced everything. Being in Texas and being a seafood restaurant it’s hard to source everything locally, however, as much as we can, we do. We feature produce from a few local farms, we also serve a sustainable Texas stripped bass, and we support local companies such as La Mexicana who custom makes all of our tortillas.

2. Veggies Galore! Well, that’s a no brainer; DIVE’s whole menu is veggies galore… tons of salads, organic veggie sides and greens, lots of colors in our food here. We are a great place to get your daily veggie intake.

3. Healthier Kids Meals. Most moms know that we have healthier kid’s options here at DIVE. Not to mention how much fun kids have at DIVE in our Kid’s Korner. We aren’t into serving fries here, more interested in serving veggies and fruits with each meal. Keep your kids interested in the finer foods in life; they just have to be introduced and tasted.

4. Gluten Free. If you don’t already know, DIVE is a great place to eat gluten free. We use gluten free oils throughout, even in our fryer. Rice bran oils, coconut oils, Ghee and an olive oil blend are the oils we use at DIVE.  Everything is made to order so that you can make any dish gluten free to suit your needs.

6. Nuts. DIVE loves nuts! We make our own spiced pecans and chili-lime pumpkin seeds that we call Pepitas, sliced raw almonds, pine nuts and pistachios are just a few that we love to incorporate in our dishes.

9. Upscale comfort foods– I believe DIVE features this trend of the upscale comfort food, yet with a twist of a little more health conscious and a little less heavy.  We love to create food that is satisfying and familiar, but we always bring the food to an upscale quality and creation.

Forbes has been known to be a magazine for trending finances and lists of the wealthiest people; so for me to see an article like this in such publishing, I find it good for not only our health as humans, but also good for our economy in the food industry.  I finally feel that the restaurant business is going in the right direction to educate people and bring smaller businesses more growth and encourage small businesses in doing the right thing.  Get to know what’s good for you! Get to know who in the industry is doing it right!

As for the agriculture, that is a different story…. Stay informed on what is tampered with and what is not…. What happened to the days when food was your source of nutrients and well-being; not your source of health problems and obesity?  Stay with small reputable companies that pride themselves on being real.  It makes all the difference.




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