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Genetically Modified Organisms

There is so much news out there about GMO’s and what Genetically Modified Organisms are doing to our food in the USA.  I think its important to share what I know and what DIVE tries its best to avoid.  In this quick article, I hope to explain the basics of this controversial issue. My mother,

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Fast Food on a Real Food Revolution

Is fast food on a real food revolution?  That seems to be a budding trend along with health and fitness in America.  After movies like Food Inc. and Super Size Me, United States came to learn that the fast food industry was actually not using “real food” at all. With a sky rocketing obesity rate

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Maca, the powerful root!

A couple weeks ago, I headed to San Diego to see my family for a quick weekend getaway. This summer has been a busy one, so I felt the need to go and see my family for a quick rejuvenation. During my stay, I went to meet my mother at Whole Foods in Del Mar

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Sustainable Food: How Does it Affect My Life?

We are living in a world of “trends in food” so powerful that they are almost considered a food movement or food revolution. However, these trending key words in food can sometimes be over used and/or misinterpreted. Food Media has been using psychological motivational tactics to influence the world on what is healthy, what is

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Seasonality of Food

Seasonality of Food “Seasonality of food” refers to the times of year when a given type of food is at its peak, either in terms of harvest or its flavor. This is usually the time when the item is the cheapest and the freshest on the market.  This is a handy element to keep in mind

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Traveling Smart | Plus What’s New at Dive

Traveling Smart, Living PH Balanced  Have you noticed the changes in your body when you travel?  Not only are you getting adjusted to time differences but germ differences, different pollens in the air, different water, weather, and foods that you eat.  Our bodies are remarkable at acclimating and adapting to all of these differences however

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The Trials of Menu Planning

I am excited to announce the launch of our new and improved menu at DIVE for Spring and Summer.  As popular as our salads are I am excited to add more variety and better options to enhance your salad experience during our hottest weather of the year.  The options are abundant yet catered to you

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How Dive Nourishes the Body

How DIVE Nourishes the Body via Healthy Organs and Organics! At DIVE we serve simply good, healthy, tasty and smart food.  So much so, that there are ingredients in many of our dishes that nourish the entire body! If you eat at DIVE, it’s safe to say you are part of a healthy lifestyle; probably

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