Dockside Favorites

Enjoy a personal cove size salad or bring a deckhand and pilfer through an olympic size dish!

Take an Excursion

Dock at DIVE and take a coastal adventure for land and sea treasures!


Come and discover the sweet sensations and cocktails that DIVE has for you!


Feed Your Heart at DIVE

As February “the Month of Love” is ending, I want to recap the prior blog about the love of food as well as the debut of oysters at DIVE. The oysters have been a hit!!! That excites me and I can’t wait to add a raw bar element full-time in the restaurant!  As for the

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The City of Love …

…history in the making, aphrodisiacs and the start of a loving positive healthy year. First and foremost, I would like to thank the many positive responses and sign-ups from my introduction to this blog. I am constantly astounded by the support I receive from the many who love DIVE. I wouldn’t be where I am

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Dive Coastal Cuisine Blog Launches for 2014

    In case you don’t know me, I’m Chef & Owner of Dive Coastal Cuisine, Franchesca Nor and I’m excited to share with you everything I’m passionate about this year! I want to use this blog as my voice to explain what is new, exciting, eventful, inspiring and informative in my life and how it

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