Dockside Favorites

Enjoy a personal cove size salad or bring a deckhand and pilfer through an olympic size dish!

Take an Excursion

Dock at DIVE and take a coastal adventure for land and sea treasures!


Come and discover the sweet sensations and cocktails that DIVE has for you!


What Fulfills You In Life?

What fulfills you in life? What has the power to make you feel satisfied? What inspires you and gives you purpose? These are all questions we ask in life, as humans are always striving for a purpose. It’s interesting, because the answer is that your purpose is inside of you – you just have to

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Celebrating Four Years at Dive

It has been an interesting 4 years since the day I opened DIVE Coastal Cuisine in Dallas, July 15, 2010. I had just moved to Dallas, Texas about 9 months prior to opening the restaurant and it was still a fresh new place for me with new culture and inspiration. At that time, I was

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Summer Grilling

This past weekend I bought a new Weber grill, it has been me and my boyfriend’s new favorite toy!  I had a wonderful experience at Home Depot purchasing it as well. I learned so much about the latest trends in grills and grilling, including the new infrared heating system. Supposedly the infrared keeps the grill

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Summer Sangria & Ceviche!

Summer Sangrias & Ceviches  Summer is a great time for light refreshing fare; just what DIVE is all about. So I thought I would share a few recipes to kick off the summer fun! SANGRIA! We are currently offering an Orange, Texas Peach & Nectarine White Wine Sangria. No sugar added. The nectarines were so

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Tastings, Craft-makers & Brewers, Oh My!

Being in the restaurant business and culinary world, there is an abundance of things to explore in the world of taste buds. Flavor is key in what you are eating, and good flavor always comes from good quality. With quality comes a story and process behind creating the finished product.  It is exciting to get

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Seasonality of Food

Seasonality of Food “Seasonality of food” refers to the times of year when a given type of food is at its peak, either in terms of harvest or its flavor. This is usually the time when the item is the cheapest and the freshest on the market.  This is a handy element to keep in mind

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Traveling Smart | Plus What’s New at Dive

Traveling Smart, Living PH Balanced  Have you noticed the changes in your body when you travel?  Not only are you getting adjusted to time differences but germ differences, different pollens in the air, different water, weather, and foods that you eat.  Our bodies are remarkable at acclimating and adapting to all of these differences however

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The Trials of Menu Planning

I am excited to announce the launch of our new and improved menu at DIVE for Spring and Summer.  As popular as our salads are I am excited to add more variety and better options to enhance your salad experience during our hottest weather of the year.  The options are abundant yet catered to you

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Exercise and How it Helps my Life!

Exercise and How it Helps my Life! Like much of the working public, there are many things I think about during the day: there are deadlines, research, creative thinking, problem solving, public appearances, and my own personal challenges and projects that I face in a day.  It’s not always easy to keep those daily stresses

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How Dive Nourishes the Body

How DIVE Nourishes the Body via Healthy Organs and Organics! At DIVE we serve simply good, healthy, tasty and smart food.  So much so, that there are ingredients in many of our dishes that nourish the entire body! If you eat at DIVE, it’s safe to say you are part of a healthy lifestyle; probably

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