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Back-to-School Lunch and Snack ideas!

Back-to-School Lunch & Snack ideas!

It is that “hustle and bustle” time of year again.  Schools are back in session, the relaxed summer is coming to a close, and new daily schedules are taking shape.  This time of year is always booming and busy inside DIVE.  As with any business in this area of Dallas, we are excited to see all the friendly faces and loyal neighborhood customers that have returned from their summer travels.  In light of a new school year and new schedules, we’d like to give you and your kids some convenient and healthy options for after-school snacks (not to mention, a way to sneak in some vegetables)!

When I was a kid, I remember that what you had in your lunch box was always an interesting topic at lunch-time.  Some kids had the typical bologna sandwich, a piece of fruit, a cookie and a juice box.  My lunch box tended to be a bit different.  I remember feeling like I wouldn’t quite fit in at lunch time, considering my lunch box usually had a salad, a veggie sandwich, maybe some chips and salsa. Definitely no cookie, and forget about a yummy juice box or milk…  just plain-old water.  As a kid, it’s not exactly cool to have a colorful array of veggies; but as an adult, I’m so happy I had that oddball lunch box.

As much as I wanted to fit in (or wanted the cookie in the persons lunch box sitting next to me), I didn’t know at the time how my eating habits would benefit me as an adult.  There was always a curious kid that would look at my lunch and want to try something.  I would make it known that I sure would be interested in trading my salad for the cookie any day.  Yet most days, I didn’t get that trade.

As an adult, I now know that the colorful vegetables in my lunch box were actually giving me more nutrients then that of the other kids.  I might argue that my interesting lunch-box choices were the start of my passion for food – food that’s fresh, healthy and fulfilling.

On that note, I’d love to offer up some great snack ideas for America’s favorite sandwich: the ever-famous grilled cheese. My healthy suggestion? Take this two-toned treat and make it multi-colored (packed with nutrients, fresh ingredients!).  At Dive I tested 5 new flavors of grilled cheese for the new fall kids menu.  My team and I were surprised to see how delicious these combinations could be, and they all started with the traditional grilled cheese.

Here are some Colorful Grilled Cheese combinations to try:


On Sourdough Bread- with sautéed mushrooms, spinach and jack cheese


On Sourdough Bread- sautéed broccoli and cheddar cheese


On whole wheat bread- cheddar cheese, avocado and tomato


On a Cibatta bun- chicken, roasted pepper, pesto and mozzarella


On whole wheat bread- apple, bacon and gouda cheese


First off, Dive is running a Special on the Kids Menu until Labor Day; 50% off with a purchase of a regular menu item.

Secondly, we have started a new Kids Klub Cooking Class at DIVE the last Saturday of every month.  It will feature an hour long session of cooking 101 for kids as well as fun recipe ideas!

OYSTER WEEK starts the second week of September! An oyster special and pairing will be featured that week as well as a tasting!!

Dive is conducting an Oyster Tasting Contest with the customers to determine the new baked oyster for the fall/winter menu.  We will offer a coupon to any customer that participates in the tasting.  The participant will choose their favorite oyster of the three and the oyster that is chosen the most will be put on the new fall/winter menu.

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